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I was interested in the recent cover of McLean’s magazine, one of Canada’s top tabloids, which covers topics ranging from political debate to pop culture. There, front and center, stands the American President, George Bush, gracefully overlooking his vast domain (empire?) in the guise of Saddam Hussein. Political humor is rampant in Canadian culture, as many Canadian children are raised on peasant vision, or basic cable, which offers CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and not a whole lot else. CBC, being a nationally owned station, is understandably lacking in quality programming, but in one area they have shined for years; the field of Political humor. From “This Hour has 22 min” to “Royal Canadian Air Farce”, children of all ages have been bombarded with savvy (or not) political whit, when they are not watching hockey that is.

Thus, when McLean’s recently ran an article entitled “How George Bush became the New Saddam” here in the Great White North, nary an eyebrow was lifted. I wonder if such an article, let alone doctored pictorials, would be allowed to appear in the national magazines of America? On shows found on the Cartoon Network? Sure. On Late Night television. You bet. But on Newsweek, The Economist or Time?

To read the article, click here.


~ by maffersalmon on September 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “Canadian Media”

  1. Really? You must have forgotten the famous Time cover with the doctored OJ mug shot. I guess that would make Time a tabloid then too.

  2. Why, how observant! yes, yes it would đŸ™‚

  3. Uh, it’s ‘farmer vision’, not ‘peasant vision’ and it isn’t basic cable, it’s whatever you can catch with an antenna. And CanCon political satire goes back a little further than 22 Minutes or Air Farce’s TV incarnation.

    As for “nary an eyebrow was lifted”… well, it’s Maclean’s. Its status as Canada’s top tabloid (Incorrect, btw – the Sun chain wears that crown, in terms of both content and format) is one attained purely by default. It’s waiting room fodder, and I’m not sure even its copy editors actually read it.

  4. I think the smaller headlines along the top of the cover show the type of magazine in question.

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