Tired Musings of a Troubled Mind

Why is my arithmetic incompatible with reality? Allow me to outline the propositions. First, University is hypothetically designed to increase knowledge, expand critical abilities and enable a smooth transition within the public sphere. Secondly, allow me to introduce Religion. Curiously, religion claims to sooth a troubled mind, give direction and motivation, and entrust individuals with an overarching calm and serenity. Now, if one were to add proposition one to proposition two, the rational outcome would no doubt be formulation three: The directed, serine individual.

Amida Buddha

Reality? Well, I spend 11 hours a day working to ensure I do not have debt at the end of the Education Journey. I immerse myself in the pursuit of knowledge at the temple of investigation, and point that critical gaze at none other then the wonderful world of Religious Thought. The result…

A directionless, complicatedly confused puddle of misfiring neurons.

At least the Amida Buddha thinks it is funny.


~ by maffersalmon on February 28, 2008.

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