“Where the Hell is Matt?” – A Video Idea that Challenges the World

It is not often I see a video on Youtube that leaves me breathless. If fact, I feel it is fair to say I have never seen a video on Youtube that has left wanting so much more.

If an idea has the potential to change the world, then an idea expressed through video presents a profound medium with which to mold, inform and edify. This morning, a good friend of mine, Dr. Bruce McKay of the University of Lethbridge, emailed me a link to a recently completed video of one Matt Harding, a viral video blogger from Connecticut, USA. Matt has made a career out of traveling and dancing throughout the world, (sponsored by Stride Gum no less).

In this, his third major video production, Matt captures the warmth of the human spirit, the strength of experienced similarities, and the shared humanity of our fragile planet. You must watch the video to understand its potency. Click on the video to go to watch it in HD. It is worth it, I assure you.

Where does the strength of the video come from, and why does it resolutely resound? I would love to hear your thoughts and insights!

I have loved watching this video over and over again. Lets see what it can do 🙂


~ by maffersalmon on July 3, 2008.

5 Responses to ““Where the Hell is Matt?” – A Video Idea that Challenges the World”

  1. Wow!! You weren’t kidding. I’ve heard about these videos, but I’ve never sat down and watched one. It’s such a simple idea. It’s such an overwhelming task to embark upon. And while there’s really no explicit message or moral, I can’t help but feel inspired by the places he goes and the people who join him. Very impressive!

  2. I am generally an optimist about the possibilities of the internet and what video sharing could do; however, this video captures the pseudo magic of phrasing such as “dance like no one is looking.” It seemingly connects people around the world in this love for dancing while actually glossing over the major disconnects and issues. Maybe if we could get everybody just to dance in the demileratized zone in Korea, the world would be better. The potential of video and the internet is huge, but the feel good bullshit of is abusing the potential to molify the masses.

  3. As the video progressed, my spirits began to lift – to become light!
    What a neat concept – what a neat guy! Thanks for sharing, Maff!

  4. Oh! Did that video gives me chills or what? The music playing all through the video is beautiful. Seeing all the places Matt has gone and the connection he makes with the people, kids etc.. It’s all moving. Literally for Matt at one point when the wave crashes on him. I have to see it again. The world is never going to be one big happy place. However, I think that the video is complex. It does show that we could get along, but may be all of us need to be more like Matt; accepting, happy, chew gum, attempt to get along with all people, respect other cultures…send it to Bush!!

  5. […] beauty in the world. So, in an effort to bring a little smile, along the same vain as my posting of Matt Harding’s World Dance, here is a little video from the Discovery Channel. It exists as a cute little reminder; I love the […]

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