Insignificant Milestones: Finding Use in Irrelevancy

Insights from the Prairies

Insights from the Prairies

Eight short months ago I began this blog with the intent of documenting a sense of wonder and awe as I examined the cultural manifestations of the surrounding world. A feeling of accomplishment was underlying goal of such a task, I can only now assume. However, at the time, on the surface at least, I saw blogging as a vehicle for eliciting change.

Then I discovered the blog counter. WordPress actually tracked and analyzed the hits my blog received. Amazingly, and rather quickly, my sense of worth, usefulness and relevancy descended from the lofty slopes of insight, wallowed in the mires of gratification. Oh how I loved the gratification! Twenty hits a day! Fifty hits a day! One hundred hits a day! The visitors came from far and near, and although many, if not most, if of the said hits were just the residue of the poor unfortunate souls who happened to stumble upon my blog, the omnipresent hit counter imbued my soul with a sense of gravitas and accomplishment.

I remember my fist milestone, as if it were yesterday, which was reached after several months of blogging, the elusive and oft coveted One Thousandth View. Shortly thereafter, as I imagined a world without war, a world without hunger, a world … of my Ten Thousandth Hit! If such a world were ever to arrive, I swore in my blogging adolescence, the fanfare would put the post-war parades of New York City to shame.

Then something happened. My blogs received some positive reviews, some Viagra spam, and a veritable flood of antagonistic responses. Eventually, I sought insightful dialogue over hits, or some introspective moments of genius over witty parlay. Eventually, a well thought out response to a post, especially when in the contrary of my own stated opinion, brought more satisfaction then a number ever could.

However, a promise was made, and a promise must be kept. As I read over some of the incoming links this morning, in a vain attempt to find an interesting lead, I happened to notice my hit counts. It had, overnight, and without fanfare, leaped beyond the boarders of the one sought after Ten Thousandth View. And there you have it. The insignificant milestone has been reached. Individuals around the world are reading what I have to say. I have moved beyond the insatiable desire for recognition. I am, in the words of Simon and Garfunkel, a rock, I am an island. I no longer care about numbers.

Unless, that is, I reach One Hundred Thousandth View. I bet I would be known then!

Wait, how close to that am I?

I had better go check.


~ by maffersalmon on July 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Insignificant Milestones: Finding Use in Irrelevancy”

  1. Great blog !
    I look forward to returning to your blog, and learning more from you !

  2. Isn’t it great when your blog draws in Viagra spam? I mean, it helps keep your head up during those hard times.

    Ok, enough of that, I could go on forever! (Doh!)

    Seriously though, it must be rewarding to know that, not only are people reading your blog, but that it’s making enough of a significant impact that they are reviewing it, linking to it, responding to it, or directing others to it. While I haven’t ventured into that level of blogging yet – my blog is mostly about stuff that I come across in my daily life, or purely my views on a few less meaningful current events – I could see myself starting something of this calibre in the future.

    You’re an inspiration to us all, you lift us up, you are a rock! And those aren’t even Viagra references. (Ok, maybe they are.)

    Sail on to 100,000, Maffer, sail on!

  3. Thanks Frank.
    It is great to have such positive feedback and encouragement. I will do my best to continue to grow and expand as I explore the issues of Hubris in our society.

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