The Uncultured Project: Unique Approach to Global Awareness

I am always fascinated with legitimate projects designed with an activist spirit in mind, most likely based upon the fact that I am an activist at heart. I find it impossible to witness the atrocities of the modern world, and not feel emotion. I cannot read or witness the poverty of developing nations and individuals alike, and not have guilt register upon my conscious immediately. I often turn inward and introspectively ask myself, what am I doing? How have I contributed to the alleviation of suffering? Why haven’t I done more?

While a variety of excuses will unavoidably inundate my mind, a nagging doubt always persists, reminding me of my own failings as a globally minded activist. From time to time though, I come across individuals who have taken initiative upon themselves to affect as much good as possible within their sphere of influence. But upon that, they also seek to extend their sphere of influence as much as possible, therefore extending the possibility of change, development and advancement. Today, upon coming across The Uncultured Project, I found one such individual, the kind that allows me to revisit my goals, dreams and aspirations, and recognize that anything is possible.

The Uncultured Project is not a charity, foundation or an organization. It is a tool, developed specifically to increase awareness, and motivate others to work within their own sphere. Shawn, the Canadian former University of Notre Dame grad student, who dropped his scholarship in search of an increased responsibility within the global community, developed the project. I would have never found this wonderful vision without the incredibly uplifting and amusing video he posted on YouTube several days ago, regarding a water filtration system designed for poor rural areas, that is so effective, the demonstration of its use is enough to make your stomach churn. Take a look.

Take a few moments to check it out. It may reignite some of your own goals as well, and thus motivate a society towards greater good.


~ by maffersalmon on November 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Uncultured Project: Unique Approach to Global Awareness”

  1. Cool video. I’m sure the water is fine, but I’d hesitate drinking it from their demo. If it was just river/lake/rain water, I think I could do it.

  2. good find maff – I wonder what it tastes like

  3. I would be all over testing that system. If it works, and we are going to give it to the huddling masses, why shouldn’t we attempt it ourselves?

  4. I wanted to volunteer in Uganda last year, but Frank flat-out refused to watch Evelyn by himself for a month, and as much as I want to help, I didn’t think it was a safe environment for my daughter…
    Which is really sad, because I was going there to help children. So it really just reminds me that even if I went to volunteer, I could leave at any time, and that often crappy existence is just “life” for them. So sad.

  5. Come back and update. I’m bored.

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