A brief history of Me

Where does one begin, when seeking to address, in a paragraph or less, the complexity that personifies me? Which side do I impart? Do I explore the staunchly pluralistic humanism that personifies my passionate personal life? Or do I bring forth the more critical scholarly vantages which attempt to disassemble information which i am presenting with, and reassemble it in new paragons of patterns. Or do i yet delve into the Conservative religious culture which I was raised, and which still dominates much of my bias.

Presently, I am continuing a journey of a liberal post educational experience which began shortly after I graduated High School in Vernon, British Columbia. Through personal travels, cultural expertise, positions of observation, authority and subjugation, and through strictly formulated educational systems, i have begun the journey of self discovery, and social activism.

This blog is my first attempt to step beyond the boundaries of theoretical exploration, into the greater web of observers, actors and policy makers. Perhaps there is a chance to open new avenues of critical thought in others, while i selfishly expand my own through this blog.

I also have another, more personal, blog at http://salmonfamily.wordpress.com/


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5 Responses to “A brief history of Me”

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you would be willing to do a news interview about your experience with the mumps … the isolation, etc.
    If so, you could contact me at tvogt@ctv.ca

    I’m glad to hear your better.

    Terry Vogt
    News Director
    CTV Lethbridge

  2. Mattie,

    I love your blog. You’re the best.


  3. Matthew,
    Nice picture but you have something dripping out of your ear.

  4. 🙂

  5. Dear Matt, I wish a wind would come along and blow that comb over off.

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